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Blockchain Technology Overview

Strategic Blockchain Consulting is a Division of Remonix Inc. a  Lakeland, Florida based Corporation.

Blockchain Technology is bringing us the "Internet of Value" with a robust distributed platform that has the power to reshape the world of global business.

Blockchain is improving "Trust" where information and assets are transferred. It is a revolutionary technology!

Blockchain Technology can have a tremendous impact on reducing the complexities of supply chains and dramatically reducing costs by eliminating the "middle men" for many organizations. 


Financial Services & Petroleum Industries:

Our Management Team has the technical knowledge of blockchain technology to assist Financial Organizations and Petroleum Companies develop and implement successful blockchain projects by working closely with their executives as business partners.

Today, global trade finance is a high volume, costly, and time-consuming business, but developing and deploying blockchain solutions could greatly change the game to increase security and reduce the cost of doing business.

Many top executives in major banks including JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America now are discussing how Blockchain technology will drive the "Fourth Industrial Revolution".

From an enterprise perspective blockchain technology can replace the expensive back office paperwork of the "reconciliation" process with more instantaneous verification that blockchain technology provides. 

Blockchain projects have the potential to reduce and in some cases eliminate settlement times between asset sellers and buyers due to the digital nature and secure processing of encrypted blockchain technology solutions. 

Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas Industry is now embracing new technologies including the Blockchain Software Platform because they realize it can greatly improve their Supply Chain Operations while reducing their overall costs of doing business!

As the industry uses more sensor technology the Blockchain Platform can store transactions and accounting data directly on these devices. This 

  can reduce process time by connecting assets directly to their services contracts.

Remonix Inc. has been  serving this Industry for over fifteen years with Supply Chain Management Solutions using RFID technology. Now we work with these executives  to help them to design and implement successful Blockchain Technology Projects.


Why Us?

Good business relationships are built on trust by thoroughly discussing the expectations, and setting realistic milestones to closely monitor the progress of the project. 

Delivering the expected results on-time and within budget allows for further trust building and is the cornerstone of a long lasting business relationship! 

For additional information and scheduling a presentation please contact William Dollar, Founder and CEO        

Mobile: 863-604-9500

Mailing Address: 523 Belmar Street   Lakeland, FL 33803

Email: bill@remonix.com

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