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RFID Products

RFID Products

Remonix has been partnering with XINDECO TECHNOLOGY for the last two years.

Please visit their  website  where you will find a complete line of RFID Tags, Inlays, Readers, Smart Cards and NFC Products.

If you require a unique RFID Inlay, their design department with over fifty RFID engineers can design and manufacture in  large volumes.

Their Xiamen RFID Key Laboratory in Xiamen, China is a public platform for the Design and Testing of RFID tags, and guarantees the highest quality and performance for all new products.

They manufacture RFID readers, tags and electronic tickets which are widely used in the following industries: Garments, Smart Traffic, Supply Chain Logistics, Warehouse Management, Security Identification, Library Management, and Asset Management and Tracking.

XINDECO runs their manufacturing facilities under both the ISO9001:2008 standard quality management system and the ISO14001:2004 environment management system.

XINDECO has installed Muehlbauer, Datacon and other world class advanced production equipment for the manufacture of high quality RFID tags and can manufacture over one billion tags per year at this facility.

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