RFID Technology for the Retail/Apparel Market

RFID in Apparel

RFID in Apparel

The market for passive UHF RFID technology for the Retail Industry is exploding as major retail chains in the United States implement solutions to improve their inventory accuracy and drive greater profitability to their bottom lines.

  • Apparel companies face the ongoing challenge of distinguishing their brands while better managing their inventories.
  • The solutions being developed by suppliers of RFID technology allow companies the opportunity to greatly improve the customer buying experience.

The RFID tagging of apparel is now the largest and fastest growing application of RFID Technology.

  • About 100 organizations are tagging apparel in trials and rollouts. Just two – taken together – will buy 500 million tags yearly.
  • According to new IDTechEx analysis, the systems and tag business concerned with apparel RFID will grow at double the rate of the overall RFID market through the next ten years.

XINDECO TECHNOLOGIES has developed RFID products to help retailers in the Apparel Industry improve their inventory management while reducing their cost of operations.

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