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RFID in Financial Services

RFID in Financial Services

Data growth, mobility, cost pressures and regulatory compliance are driving the demand for IT asset-tracking solutions in the financial services industry.

Financial institutions are increasingly adopting RFID for data-center asset– tracking applications, with benefits ranging from reduced operating and compliance costs to dramatic improvements in data accuracy.

End users are evaluating RFID for IT asset-tracking and management applications in the financial services industry to increase visibility, improve business processes and reduce costs.

  • RFID technology greatly reduces the man hours spent locating assets and conducting on-site inventory audits.
  • RFID provides the bank with a true real-time inventory tracking and control system, and will also facilitate the automation of receipt notification, both for supply chain management and workflow management purposes.

Remonix and its technology partners have developed software solutions to assist Financial Organizations with these new challenges.

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